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What Are the Features of a Camp Chef Outdoor Oven?

After all the exhausting yet fun activities in your camping trip, you might want to sit down and savor the goodness of a well-cooked meal. Instead of a tasteless biscuit or a canned food for snacks or meal, you can enjoy the usual food you make at home. With the right cookware to use, you get to make a variety of recipes that you and your family will love.

An outdoor oven is essential for any trip outdoors because it lets you enjoy great food in a matter of minutes. You can make grilled sandwiches, barbecue, or even bake a pizza with this type of oven. You will love how it comes with an easy to carry bag, hence maximizing convenience in transporting the oven.

There is no need to assemble anything, as the oven comes in one piece. The cover for the burner stove folds down to protect accumulation of dirt. All you need to get started is a one-pound can of propane gas. With it, you can use the oven at maximum heat for up to five hours. At that much amount of time, you would have already made several recipes for everyone in the trip.

Camp Chef camping oven comes with a two-burner stove. You can cook rice in one burner, and a viand on the other. As for the interior oven, you can bake a delicious dessert such as a pie or a brownie. You can make several dishes in minutes because of the intense amount of heat (7500 BTU for the oven, and 3000 BTU for the stove) that this oven generates. You can make several baked, grilled or broiled recipes with this oven, as it can generate a powerful heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to cook in only a matter of minutes, which adds to the convenience of this oven.

As for the exterior of the oven, you will notice how durable it is. It comes with a stainless steel construction, which also makes it appear quite elegant and stylish. You do not have to worry about the oven becoming rusty in time. Even after several years of use, your Camp Chef oven stays polished and stain-free.
However, it is important to keep it clean after use so you can prolong its life. You can spot clean the housing with a damp cloth and wipe it dry before putting it back in the bag.

You can easily clean the interior of the oven because of its non-stick material. The non-stick enamel-cooking surface takes away the need for scrubbing just to keep the interior clean.

This oven by Camp Chef measures 25″ x 21″ x 16″, with the folded lid. It has an ideal height for cooking, which adds to the convenience in using it. You can easily carry it around with your on your camp site, as it weighs 35 pounds. Even if it is a bit heavy, you will not have a problem because you can purchase a carrying bag for transporting it.

Hence, purchase a Camp Chef oven and enjoy the great-tasting food that you can make with this outdoor oven.

Don’t Even Think Of Camping In The Winter Before Reading This:

Winter camping is an interesting alternative to ordinary camping. When planning a winter camping trip, it is important to remember that speed reduces considerably in winter. This, with the fact that there are fewer daylight hours, makes your mileage less than half the original mileage.

You will have to include some cold weather camping gear when deciding on what to take camping. Your clothing has to be in layers for provision to adjust clothing to regulate body moisture and temperature. It is always better to have three types of layers when camping in the winter; a liner layer against the skin like long johns, fleece as an insulation layer, and an outer shell for protection from water and wind. There is no use of wearing too many pairs of socks as once blood flow to the feet is constricted, there is no difference on the number of socks you wear. This is why it is not advised to tie bootlaces too tight when in cold weather.

Your camping supply list should have lots of carbohydrates for the necessary fuel for trekking and keeping the body warm. Cook easy food, which at the same time is appetizing, like one-pot meals or check out our info on easy camping recipes for suggestions. As dry wind can dehydrate you without you knowing about it, it is necessary to drink lots of water; even if you are not thirsty. You can tell if you are properly hydrated if your urine is light colored.

When on a winter camping expedition, hiking is one activity you can do. If you intend to go hiking, then it is better to take some winter hiking gear along with you. Add some instep crampons in the list of camping gear; this keeps you from slipping when walking over ice or hard packed snow.

If Skiing is your pleasure, realize that the high altitudes of the mountains will bring you closer to the heat of the sun. It is hard to imagine, but people do suffer from Sunburns, even in the winter! Either wear a face mask or sunscreen to protect your skin.

Despite the fear of exposure to the cold, people who spend some quality time in the fresh outdoor air usually are a LOT healthier than those who are living indoors with their heat on!

Following all these camping tips will provide for a memorable winter camping experience.

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Sam Jordan