Backpacking Adventure – Must Have Fantastic Tips

When you are planning your backpack adventure you need to consider what supplies are needed for the trip. On a longer trip this is particularly important and you will need to plan carefully. Be sure to choose a backpack that is large enough for the things you need to take. It must also be comfortable so be sure to try out different backpacks and see which is right for you. It’s a good idea to load supplies into the backpack and not to try them when they are only empty.

So what supplies will you need to put into your backpack to take with you on a trip? One of the most important things you will need for a backpacking adventure is a map and compass. There no point in going on the adventure if you wont be able to find your way! The next item is food and drink supplies. This will vary depending on how long your trip will be. For a longer trip you will obviously need more food including high energy bars and drinks. You should carry a first aid pack in case of any unfortunate accidents.

To enjoy your backpacking expedition it is important to have a way of cooking your food for when you rest for the night together with waterproof matches too. If you are trekking over several days then it may not be practical to carry lots of water so a water filtration system will supply unlimited water. If you are out and about in the hot sun and wearing light clothes then take sunscreen to you avoid getting sunstroke, also sunglasses will provide comfort for your eyes. Take insect repellent to prevent insect bites when trekking in warm weather.