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All About Atlanta Restaurants

Okay, seriously, we are not suggesting that somebody from London or New York or anywhere really is going to drop everything and plan a vacation to Atlanta. But it is a city on the rise with a ton to offer. So, if you’re coming down here for business or to see friends and family, you now have a lot more upscale options. Actually it makes for a great road trip or weekend getaway if you are in the Southeast. To some people Atlanta is their New York when it comes to shopping and nightlife. I mean, we do have the only IKEA for miles and miles…

So what’s new in Atlanta? For starters nobody down here ever says Hotlanta. So please check that phrase at the city limits. Head downtown to the new trendy Glenn Hotel and you’ll discover b.e.d. b.e.d. is a restaurant/lounge combo great for people watching and sipping cocktails with friends. Other b.e.d.s are in NY and Miami, but somehow Atlanta is lucky enough to get the third one. Not sure who we bribed to jump ahead of Vegas and other cities, but we are damn glad your’re here. The VIP rooftop bar has the best views in town.

Checkout the largest aquarium in the world only a few blocks down the road. Waste the afternoon away in Piedmont Park and then grab a drink at the Park Tavern. Hike up Stone Mountain if you need to get away from it all.

Here are our journeyPod picks to give you some ideas:


Antica Posta: the best Italian in the city offering authentic upscale Tuscan dishes in a romantic redone house in Buckhead.

Haven : everything on the menu will tempt you…walk down to their sister lounge, Mix, for a drink afterwards….located in Brookhaven.

b.e.d.: food fit for a king – dine like royalty in your own private bed in Downtown…what to do after dinner? two words- VIP rooftop.

Rathbun’s: remember how hot Bluepointe was when it opened back in 1999? Well the magician has done it again with his own place in Inman Park. Chef Kevin Rathbun will blow you away with his innovative cuisine that is as tasty as it is eccentric. From the eggplant fries to Elvis’ favorite Banana Peanut Butter Cream Pie, you’ll have to show some serious indulgence control to even leave your table.

MidCity Cuisine: consistently dishes out fabulous plates in Midtown.

Nuevo Laredo: yes you can drink your margarita pitcher in the parking lot while you wait for your table…authentic Mexican with the best carne asada in the city and located on the West Side.

Apres Diem: cosmopoliton eatery and people watching with a great vibe in Midtown…perfect Sunday brunch to cure that hangover…the only place that is good every night of the week.

the globe : fusion food meets euro cafe in Midtown. Great little plates like tuna and tempura frites will hold your attention all night long.

Nan: rumor has it that Gwenyth fancies their trendy Thai treats in Midtown.

Aiko: sushi hits the dance floor at this hip Buckhead eatery.

Startup Restaurant Location Scouting and Landlord Tips

A huge credibility booster when you are working on raising money to start a restaurant business is being able to point to a specific location and say with confidence that is where my new restaurant or my new bar is going to be located.

Having a location as one of the most crucial aspects of being able to get started because obviously without location nothing else can happen. Therefore once you’ve gone through the initial phase of determining what type of restaurant you will start whether it’s a franchise or whether you are buying a restaurant or whether you are starting to scratch and you’ve gone through the requirements for the size and layout then you can immediately begin looking for locations that will fit your needs.

Be sure to write down the contact information typically posted in the window of any vacant space as you see that would fit the bill and immediately contact the representative for that space and ask them about the specifics. It doesn’t do any good to see an empty space and imagine that you could use it but not talk to the landlord because more often than not you will find out later that either the spaces are committed to someone else or for various reasons it won’t be available to you for use as a restaurant or bar.

The only way to get accurate information and find out about the availability and the suitability of the location you’re seeing is to call and ask. If in the initial phone call to get answers to your questions makes you think this location could possibly work for you the next step is to have a meeting at the location with the person representing the space and go through it inside and see what it has to offer and find out who else may be looking at it and how serious they are and how quickly you will have to move to secure the location if you decided in fact that it’s the one you want.

When you do your presentation to your potential funding sources being able to say that you have scouted and secured or at least scouted and had initial conversations with the landlord or property manager of the location that you have in mind is significantly more credible just simply saying you’d like to secure a space somewhere in a vague area.

By having an actual location not only can the investors visualize exactly where you plan to put your restaurant and what the general area will look like as well as a specific building but they can also see that the numbers you’ve used in your financial projections are based on actual lease rates and actual building costs and they can also see that again you’ve made the effort to take the next stop and be serious and determined in your efforts to actually launch a business which enhances your credibility and lowers the perception of risk in their minds in backing you in your venture.

Since the success of a restaurant venture is so heavily tied to its location and savvy restaurant investors know this trying to get funding to start without a location is really going to handicap your efforts. By the same token, having a good location locked up is going to make you search for funding significantly easier so why not give yourself a break and find that great location now.