Mission Trip Adventures for Men in Ministry, Prayer and Planning

Prayer and planning for a Mission Trip is the key to success. In the prayerful planning be sure to listen to the Holy Spirit.

In early stages of design, get the Men in Ministry and all the ministry leaders involved. Getting ready for the journey is more work and can bring the blessings at the same level as the trip itself. It is best to develop a healthy mix of leaders and non-leaders involved in the planning and the getting ready process. Part of the situation here is to create excitement over the opportunity to go somewhere to support a Missionary Family, spreading the Gospel.

Organizing teams, for the preparation, expands the number of people involved. It will produce more interest and enthusiasm, creating the necessary momentum to get through the hard tasks that are ahead.

The first team is the prayer team. This is the group that meets and prays for the preparation, the location, the trip, the missionary family and all other aspects. This is from early preparation to the message that is going to be delivered when the team returns. The prayer team is in operation before confirming the destination.

The right destination for a mission trip is not clear. When we went to Nicaragua, we started planning for Liberia, Africa. We sent Money to the missionary to purchase land on which we would build a church. We were learning French. We had planned the trip route. We were in the final stages. The Holy Spirit had not confirmed the visit to Liberia. The earthquake in Haiti occurred we thought God wanted us there. Finally after much prayer, Nicaragua was the destination. Eight weeks before we departed, we determined the destination. We encountered a similar experience the next year and wound up in Malawi, Africa. Seeking God for His leadership was critical. Had we not sought Him and listened to the Holy Spirit there is no telling what could have happened.

A decision to do God’s Work, on this scale or to organize Men in Ministry for Bible Study, the war will be raging. Sending warriors into battle without the covering of the Holy Spirit is not ever going to have a favorable result. Without the Holy Spirit, the number of casualties will be significant. In Joshua chapter 7, after the grand victory over Jericho, the men of Ai soundly defeated the Israelites. Israel did not seek God first. There was also sin in the camp. These reasons and making decisions in the flesh produced a stunning defeat. They did not have the covering, so necessary, when going to war. The prayer team is especially critical in preparation, during the trip and after the trip. The war is never over, the intensity will elevate from time to time. So put on the full armor of God and Pray in the Spirit always.

Men in Ministry, winning men to the Lord, are in a constant battle. Preparing for anything will require the guidance of the Holy Spirit confirmed by the leadership and fully covered in prayer. Do not leave home without it!