Feeding a Dog Commercial Vs Homemade Foods

To a great many of us our Dogs are special members of our family, where they become our loyal and reliable companions. We realize how much they depend on us as caregivers to take good care of them and feed them a healthy and safe diet.

All dogs, whatever their breed, love to eat and will usually eat anything offered to them. So, you need to be very sure that the dog food you offer to your dog provides him or her with all the nutritional benefits they need for health, vitality and longevity.

Commercial dog food may have all the necessary ingredients that your dog requires listed on the label, including the minerals and vitamins. But, these foods may not be the best choices if they contain unhealthy preservatives and additives that can impact your dog’s health and lifespan.

Because of this many caregivers may decide to make their own homemade dog food.

Although this may not be an absolutely perfect solution for your dog, it’s the closest thing there is to ensuring your dog gets a balanced, safe and healthy diet.

If you plan to begin feeding homemade dog food recipes, you should be aware of the pros vs the cons of giving these to your dogs.


* You can choose whatever ingredients you want to use in the food. Therefore, you’ll know exactly what goes into your dog’s dish every day.

* Like human recipes, these have healthy, all natural ingredients and will even cost less in the long run than commercially manufactured dog food.

* Your local grocery store or supermarket should carry all the ingredients you’ll need to make most of the homemade dog food recipes.

* You’ll be able to prepare healthy, nutritious, as well as delicious foods for your dog without any fear it contains harmful preservatives and additives that are contained in the commercial products.

* The beneficial nutritients found in homemade meals can make your dog far more energetic and provide him or her with a much healthier existence.

* Homemade meals can even be prepared from healthy leftovers of human meals, and therefore nothing will be wasted.


* Shopping for, choosing, deciding what to feed your dog and then preparing the meals can be a time consuming activity, opposed to just going for the easy option and buying ready to eat commercial dry or canned dog food.

* Preparing the right foods to feed your dog can also take quite a bit of knowledge. Figuring out the right balance in your dog’s diet can be kind of tricky and can take a good deal of research in order to find the healthiest ingredients you should be using, and which foods you need to avoid.

***PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to be very careful with the ingredients you use because there are certain foods that can be extremely toxic for your dog.

The Answer:

There are a great many benefits of homemade dog food and an excellent choice to help keep your pet in optimal health.

And even though there are some disadvantages, if you do some research on how to correctly prepare the healthiest meals for your dog, and spend the necessary time doing so, you can overcome them.

You’ll be very happy you did!

This can be accomplished, provided you have a strong desire to ensure your dog is happy, healthy and long-lived.